Goodbye Gravedale is the 12th episode of Gravedale high, it appeared on November 24 1990.


When Max got an acceptance letter for a teaching position at Midtown Prep School (a school he applied prior before becoming a teacher at GraveDale) and discard it, his class found it and mistakenly believe he would leave and take the job. So they turn against him, alienating him so that he does in fact leave Gravedale High to teach at Midtown Prep School. However because he left, Headmistress Crone had to call in substitute teacher after substitute teacher until she can get a replacement. But will they found the right teacher or will they get Max back.


  • Rick Moranis as Max Schneider
  • Roger Rose as Vinnie Stoker
  • Frank Welker as Frankentyke & J.P. Ghastly
  • Barry Gordon as Reggie Moonshroud
  • Maurice LaMarche as Sid
  • Jackie Earle Haley as Gill Waterman
  • Ricki Lake as Cleofatra
  • Kimmy Robertson as Duzer
  • Shari Belafonte as Blanche
  • Georgia Brown as Headmistress Crone


  • This episode focus on Max
  • This episode revealed that before being a teacher at gravedale, Mac applied for a teaching position at Midtown Prep School.
  • The Scene where Blanche is standing inside a giant clam is base on the painting "The Birth of Venus"