Cleo's Pen Pal is the 3rd episode of Gravedale High. it appears on September 22 1990.


Cleofatra is a huge fan of the soap opera "Trudy and the Beast", to the point of ignoring Mr. Schneider as the show airs during school hours! Cleo writes love letters to Billy Headstone, the monster who plays the role of the leading man in the series, and to her surprise he writes back saying he is in Midtown and would like to meet her. Cleo figures Billy will be disgusted with her weight and mummy appearance, so she sneaks in a photo of Duzer. Duzer, of course, is taken with a monster hunk like Billy Headstone (a leonine monster akin to Vincent from the soap opera Beauty & the Beast) and cuts school to go out with him. Cleo, who is angered with Duzer, follows suit. This is seen by Mr. Tutner, who alerts Mr. Scheneider of Duzer and Cleofatra's truancy. Duzer takes Billy to an amusement park, to which the rest of the class take advantage of the lack of discipline to have a fun day at the fun park. Billy, however, is put off by the fact that Duzer is vapid. Cleofatra reveals she is the one who sent the letters and misidentified Duzer as her over her insecurity. Billy says he admired Cleo for her prose, not appearance, so they go on the appropriate date. Before leaving, Billy offers Cleofatra a gift, a VCR. He tells her to stop being distracted at school and start paying attention to Mr. Schneider, using the VCR to record his show then watch it on her own time.


  • Rick Moranis as Max Schneider
  • Roger Rose as Vinnie Stoker
  • Frank Welker as Frankentyke & J.P. Ghastly
  • Barry Gordon as Reggie Moonshroud
  • Maurice LaMarche as Sid
  • Jackie Earle Haley as Gill Waterman
  • Ricki Lake as Cleofatra
  • Kimmy Robertson as Duzer
  • Shari Belafonte as Blanche
  • Georgia Brown as Headmistress Crone
  • Brock Peters as Boneyard.
  • Tim Curry as Mr. Tutner



  • This episode focus on Cleofatra and Duzer